Store Tab

The Store tab allows you to browse, search, audition and purchase patterns that are for sale on the Gammill PatternCloud

Gammill’s PatternCloud allows you to search (and purchase) more than 11,000 patterns from dozens of designers utilizing the CreativeStudio’s Store tab. Store patterns can be searched and auditioned but not stitched until purchased. 

The Store tab can be found between the Patterns tab and Project tab in CreativeStudio.

Store Settings (Gear) and Cloud Icons

The Settings (gear) and Sync (cloud) icons under the Store tab work the same way as under the Patterns tab. Settings will allow you to adjust how the patterns in the store appear on your CAD screen. The PatternCloud icon will assist you in syncing any new patterns you purchase.

Search Store

Much like the Patterns tab, the simple search option allows you to quickly search pattern tags, designers and pattern names using keywords. The advanced search gives you the opportunity to search the thousands of patterns available in the store by price range, author (designer), and pattern type. 

Auditioning Patterns

The gold background indicates patterns that you do not currently own.  To learn more about a specific pattern, select the pattern and then right click.  This will bring up information about the author of the pattern, size, and how to purchase the pattern. A useful feature of the store is the ability to audition a pattern prior to purchasing it by dragging the pattern to your CAD screen to audition them. This allows you to see how the pattern will function and fit in your quilt prior to purchase.  Once dragged to the CAD screen, unpurchased patterns will be indicated by a gold outline and will not stitch until purchased.

Copyright Protections

For patterns purchased at, there are different levels of copyright protections selected by the designer. The copyright protection for each pattern that is for sale is listed with the price when viewing the pattern description (any, machine or user). You may also narrow your PatternCloud store search by the type of copyright protection.

Stitchout Any: Patterns set to stitchout any can be stitched on any Statler, Statler Ascend, or Elevate by Gammill. These are still sold only for your personal use and are, by license, not allowed to be shared with othe rs. However, there is no technical prevention built into the patterns themselves. Patterns with no encryption are likely to be more expensive as there is less protection for the designer to prevent illegal sharing. These are the same as unencrypted patterns in previous versions of CreativeStudio.

Stitchout Machines: Patterns set to stitchout machines can only be stitched on a Statler, Statler Ascend, or Elevate registered to the User at the time of purchase. The store will not let you add these patterns to your cart unless your machine is registered to your PatternCloud account. This encryption is basically the same as encrypted patterns worked in previous versions of CreativeStudio.

Stitchout User: Patterns set to Stitchout User can be stitched on any Statler, Statler Ascend or Elevate while that user is logged into their PatternCloud account. This is a new form of encryption that allows protection for the designer while offering more flexibility for the user. For example, if you buy a second stitcher, or need to replace a red key, or upgrade to a newer one, you will not have to contact the designer and have all your encrypted patterns redone with the new red key number. Or if you are visiting a friend you can log in to your account on her machine and stitch out your patterns, but when you log out your patterns are no longer on her machine. Thus you are able to stitch encrypted patterns that you own on other stitchers but do not risk violating copyright by accidentally sharing unencrypted patterns with your friend. 

For encrypted patterns purchased anywhere other than, CS7 works much the same way as CS6. You enter the red key/controller number when you import the patterns. You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

Purchasing a Pattern Through CreativeStudio

Patterns can be purchased from directly from the website or through CreativeStudio's Store tab.  

1. To purchase through CreativeStudio, begin by selecting one of the three purchase options listed above.  Please note, not all patterns have all three options. These are designated by the pattern designer.

2. Once you have chosen a purchase option, click on that option to add it to your shopping cart. 

3. You can confirm that a pattern is in your cart by the number icon that appears over the shopping cart. A shopping cart icon will also appear over the pattern itself. You can purchase as many patterns as you like at one time. 

4. Once you have completed shopping, click the cart icon to check out. This will open a new window that will display the items in your cart. Select Checkout to continue. 

5. Selecting Checkout will redirect you to to complete the purchase using the secure checkout.